Thursday, March 29, 2007

How to Setup a Cluster with Live CD?

Since the Live CDs have become ever popular, playing with an alternative OS has become very much simple yet effective. Even High Performance Computing is not untouched from the Live CD revolution. Initially, a Cluster or a High Performance Computing environment was only a cup of tea for those organizations with six figure annual budgets. But now anyone having LANed computers (Preferably with Gigabit) can easily turn his/her network in to a true High Performing Cluster by using just a Live CD with an OS preconfigured with a parallel computing middleware such as OpenMOSIX, OSCAR etc.

You can download any of the following live CDs for HPC environment:

ClusterKnoppix from :
The Bootable Cluster CD from :
Boot each node in a network by popping up the live CD and configure the network addresses and eventually convert your office network to a High Performance Cluster ready in no time!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How should I migrate to Open Source/ Free Software/ Linux ?

Many times it has been observed that people just refuse to be migrated towards the Free/Open Source software on account of their "so called" less user friendlienss and non portability. Further, it is repeatedly stated that the free software does not fulfill a person's exact requirement.
However, in real sense, this is quite opposite as Newton's III'd law!! Migrating to the Free Software was and is the easier task ever. And a wide range of free software is always available right from a kid user to an end user to a power user to a developer to a gamer to a CXO of an enterprise and last but not the least a Hacker!
A few steps stated below are enough for anyone wishing to get rid of the trap of proprietary software and open the doors towards the universe of the Free Software:

  • Go for the GNUWin II CD project for a large list of free software ported to the Windows platform (
  • Download and Install cygwin from which provides almost linux like command interpreter and other related environment which will accordingly make familier with the Linux look and feel.
  • Bring a live Linux CD such as Knoppix from your friend or download the same from, by using this you will be able to taste the real Linux without even touching your hard-drive.
  • Now you should be enough satisfied with the advantages of the Free and Open Source software so you may migrate to any distribution of Linux available and be collectively found at, although I personally advice Ubuntu based on Debian from as a good starter.
  • And do not forget to count yourself a Linux user at !!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Some known Operating System resources!

The followings are some good Operating System resources:

A dedicated OS search engine:

The Operating System Resources Centre:

BonaFide OS development news and tutorials:

Linux from Scratch and beyond:

The Linux Documentation Project:

Google Search